Using plain pg with Nest.js

This is going to be a quick demo of how to get started using plain pg (node-postgres) with Nest.js — no ORMs in sight. Having found no simple guide on how to do this when I was looking for it — I figu
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Trying out Typescript

The intention was to write some demo code to see what problems I come across while just starting to use Typescript, and to document the “work-arounds” along the way. This is a suitable read for anyone
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Elixir Streams reload

This post is based on Drew Olson‘s Elixir Streams. Since I’m just getting started with Elixir, I came across a few issues understanding the “Building an API with Streams” section in Drew’s post. This
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Vanilla CSS grid

Pulling in a CSS framework such as Bootstrap, or even just it’s grid system, can be overkill when all you want is a simple page with a couple of columns in it. In this post we’ll be using plain CSS to
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War in jar with Maven

The following is one way you could go about packaging a war file in a jar file with Maven. You might want to do this if you’re loading a war file from the classpath programmatically. For instance, ass
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Justin Calleja